Nun Prank Part 5 || TM Pranks

Nun Prank Part 5 || TM Pranks

Nun Prank Part 5 || TM Pranks

Welcome to our channel that includes funny and scary pranks.
We are focusing on making funny and scary pranks that includes
Bushman Prank, Nun Prank, Zombie Head Prank, Plague Prank, Mannequin Prank, Shampoo Prank, Escalator Prank, Pull Chair Prank, Farting Prank and much more pranks that are not included in description.

In future we will create different content including helping people in need.

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With over 37 million YouTube channels created, that can be a challenge.
Our main goal is to create content that can make your day better.
We are always open and happy to hear your feedback and learn from our audience.
Our goal is one day to help people in need including Homeless, beggars and street performers.

Audience often ask, “When will you upload a new video?”
Our goal is to upload videos 3 times per week that includes
"Monday - Wednesday - Saturday".

We are trying to understand and focus on our audience.

• what they like
• what they comment
• how much time they spend watching

Under this circumstance we can understand what the audience watch more and which video we should focus make more parts.

We are based: United Kindom, Liverpool , few of our videos might be recorded in different city or country.

Thank you for watching our videos and hope we make your day better !!

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