Cabin Fever - I found a cute girl outside my cabin (visual novel)

Cabin Fever - I found a cute girl outside my cabin (visual novel)

My opinion:
A short but wonderful Visual Novel with a plot very appropriate to the current global situation with the Covid pandemic. You will love the characters, the dialogue and the multiple choices that lead to multiple endings.

Experience a slice of off-grid life, and the bittersweet taste of love...

You live in the mountains, spending your days tending a vegetable garden, looking after chickens, and working remotely as a computer programmer. You don't participate in society - or whatever's left of it. You're fine with being alone.

But when a young woman appears on your secluded property, injured and lost on a stormy night, you're understandably torn. Are you obligated to help her? Is it even safe to help her?

You have no idea what to do. Your brain is mush. And the fact that she's so pretty doesn't help...

Cabin Fever is a sweet, funny, romantic visual novel that's sure to give you all the feels. Experience a budding friendship - and a blossoming romance - as you open up, make choices, and explore multiple endings. The world may seem bitter and bleak… But your story doesn't have to be.


Stunning artwork, including over 20 beautifully illustrated CGs, 140 character poses, and 60 unique backgrounds
An unforgettable soundtrack with 14 original themes
Beautiful voice performances in English, with the option to choose the protagonist's voice
More than 3 hours of gameplay with a branching, replayable storyline
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